In this eye-opening episode, Omotola talks about how she was able to start and run a fully functional Non Profit from her dorm while in school and was able to impact the lives of people in another part of the world.

From her story, we are able to see that we can achieve a whole lot of things and we are our biggest cheerleader or obstacle depending on how we decide to do things.

Feel free to connect with Omotola with these links.



In this episode, Sarah shared her Work From Home story from working as a Photographer, affiliate marketer, drop shipper, and blogger all the way to becoming a Podcast Host, Producer, and Manager.

Her story shows how there is always a lot of options to choose from while building a work from home business and also shows why you shouldn't stop until you are doing what really makes you happy.

Remember, working from home brings a whole array of freedom and you get to select what sort of freedom(s) you want to work in

Listen to this really amazing story of a really good human!

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Health is wealth is a very correct statement and as such it's always a great idea to get more tips on how to stay healthy.

Dr. Wesley Fox is a functional Medical Doctor and was able to move his practice solely online before the pandemic and has been able to serve a host of people all around the world because of his limitless accessibility.

In this episode, he gives us some insight on staying healthier and some tips on improving our body function by making small adjustments to our everyday lives.

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Welcome to the year 2021!

While the previous year has its tragedy and all, I still feel positive about getting started with the new year! As such, in this episode, I offer some guidance about branding your business appropriately for the year 2021 as a freelancer.

I follow my line of thought from two perspectives that I believe are integral for your business:

First Perspective:

  • Target Audience
  • Skills
  • Authority

Second Perspective

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Show Personality

Take a listen to have a better understanding of what I mean :)

December 28, 2020

See You in 2021

In this really short episode, I talk about how we should stay strong despite whatever 2020 has thrown at us, the importance of taking rest and how I am very excited to connect with everyone in the year 2021.

In this great episode with Derick Van Ness, there are lots of tips to hold on to including how spending more can help us save more and why we should treat our freelancing business as we would treat a regular business because it is in fact, a business.

One thing though that most people will resonate with is the fact that deciding to work from home can be a great risk. Derick shared his own strategy for starting the Work from Home life.

He shared his story of how he slowly build a business from home as a side hustle till when it made more sense to quit his regular job.

Below are links to his free book and ways to contact Derick

Free Book




I talk with Jeff on this post who has been helping fortune 500 company teams find their work flow through play. He helps people realize how work is so easy and can be connected to all the things that they love to do.

He shares his story of how landing his dream job wasn't so satisfying as he would have expected and how that pushed him to start a Lego based learning company that easily became the best in the states.

To connect with Jeff, use any of the links below:

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In this episode, I evaluate attitude with respect to freelancing.

I discussed the three most important people to a freelancer which are oneself, the client and collaborators who can be other team members, platform support or whoever is also always in contact with the freelancer.

The key takeaways are on the topic of positive mindset and responsibility.

I hope you enjoy this episode and hope you can give me a 5-star rating on your preferred platform.


Zsófia considers herself a Digital Nomad because she loves traveling with her work.

She helps busy professionals create work processes that ensure they can smoothly work with freelancers who will be able to easily understand their processes as well as possible.

She also looks to automate tasks and hire high-quality freelancers to help make her clients' projects a reality.

She touches on the factors of minimizing errors and building trust, as well as the gut feeling that comes with meeting new freelancers and clients while working from home.

Zsófia has some high-quality freebies that every business will find useful.

Links to her free resources and ways to reach here are all linked below

Free Resources




In this episode, Carol Lempert, who has featured in such movies as Bless The Child as well as TV Seris, The Wonderful World of Disney brings her enchanting personality from the Movie Screens to the boardroom.

She has built an intriguing career helping people understand and build better communication skills so that they can become promotable and become great team leaders.

She shares her experience on how she started to use her acting and storytelling skills to help people overcome stage fright. This has been a major driving force and I can tell that it creates a big sense of fulfillment for carol when she helps anyone become better speakers, storytellers, and better performers in from of a screen especially as we are in this COVID-era.

I totally enjoyed talking with Carol and I assure you that you all will also enjoy this episode.

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